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1. What is the personal psychological support and befriending service?

The personal support and befriending service is a supportive intervention for people experiencing difficulties with their emotional health. The purpose of the service is to create a long-lasting and emotionally focused relationship between a patient and a BipolarLab mental health professional. This relationship meets important communicational needs and cultivates a sense of security and self-esteem for the patient.

2. What does it offer?

• Emotional support
• A mutual non-judgmental relationship of trust
• It helps to increase self-esteem and reduce social isolation
• A safe place for communication
• A basis for fresh start experiences
• Befriending with the ups and downs of a recurrent mood disorder
• Help and support in managing symptoms and preventing manic and depressive episodes

The personal support and befriending service enables people with bipolar disorder and depression to have a professional “confidant” and feel secure that there is someone there with them.

3. What it cannot do?

The personal support and befriending service cannot solve practical problems and cannot replace the psychopharmacological therapeutic services of a psychiatrist.

4. How it works?

You first need to book an initial consultation with a BipolarLab mental health professional. In the meeting you will be given information about the programme, its objectives and rules of operation. Then we will discuss your current problems and circumstances and review your mental health history. You will be asked to complete one brief questionnaire that will have questions about your mood and personality. In order to start it is important that you are not in a current crisis (e.g. manic or severe depressive episode) but of course you may have some symptoms. The meetings take place over the internet or on the phone once a week at a fixed pre-scheduled time and last for one hour (60 minutes).

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