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Bipolar Disorder Simplified (Seminar) PDF Print E-mail
1. Learn about bipolar disorder without complex medical terms and technical jargon.
2. Meet other people who have been touched by bipolar disorder.
3. Learn about BipolarLab’s programmes and services.

Seminar Description

What is bipolar disorder (manic depression), what are the symptoms and how is it diagnosed? How many people have bipolar disorder and how do we know this? Are there risks for developing other disorders and what is important for patients to look out for? What is known about the causes and the factors that affect the course of the disorder? How family members and spouses are affected and what is their role in the course of the disorder? What is the role of psychiatrist, psychologist and other health professionals in the treatment and management of the disorder? What are the most effective treatments and what are some useful ways of self-management of bipolar disorder? What remains to be learned about the disorder and its treatment and what are we going to see in the future?

These and many other questions about bipolar disorder will be covered in the first introductory seminar of BipolarLab. The seminar will cover the latest knowledge and findings for bipolar disorder from the field of psychiatry and clinical psychology. It will be a very good introduction to Bipolar disorder simplified for patients, relatives and friends. The content of the seminar is based on Dr Yanni Malliaris Bipolar Disorder Masterclass which was created for professionals and students, and has been taught to top clinical psychology and medical undergraduates at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.

Each seminar will have a small number of participants (maximum 7 people) to allow time for the questions of each participant. The seminar is also provided through an individual consultation session for participants who wish to have more privacy and more time for all their questions.

Webinar Presenter

Dr Yanni Malliaris, Bsc. Hons, PhD (Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London), Clinical Psychologist, Founder and President of and EDO the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation.

Booking and Dates

Dates are announced privately to participants who sign up for the seminar and once a group of 7 participants has been formed. Individual consultations can be scheduled at a time and date that is convenient for both parties and can take place either before or after having attended the seminar (if both are booked).



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