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1. Learn how exercise and nutrition can protect your emotional mental health.
2. Discover your level of physical activity and your nutritional profile.
3. Learn about BipolarLab’s Exercise and Nutrition eSupport programme.


Webinar Description

The webinar "Bipolar & Fit: Exercise, Nutrition and Emotional Health" approaches our emotional health from an often neglected route that of physical health and dietary lifestyle. Nevertheless, as it is shown by recent studies both such areas are clinically significant for maintaining a good emotional health. The sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and obesity that is sweeping the last decades of modern societies have become "enemies" of our mental and physical health. They are often characteristic of people who have mood disorders.

In this webinar as a participant you will have the opportunity to learn about the significance of physical activity, good dietary habits and body weight regulation in bipolar disorder (manic depression) and depression. You will also discover why mental health disorders are often associated with chronic physical ailments and learn simple techniques to improve your mental and physical health through lifestyle changes. You will be given the opportunity to consider the level of your physical activity and discover your nutritional profile.

Finally you will learn about BipolarLab’s Exercise and Nutrition eSupport programme and have the opportunity to ask questions and sign up.

Each webinar has a small number of participants (maximum 7 people) to allow time for questions for all members.

Webinar Presenter

Dr Eirini Manthou, BSc Hons, MSc, PhD Physical Activity and Nutritional Health, University of Glasgow, Medical School, Department of Human Nutrition
Director of Exercise and Nutrition eSupport programme
Co-ordinator of webinars (online seminars)

Booking and Dates

Dates are announced privately to participants who sign up for the webinar and once a group of 7 participants has been formed. Individual consultations can be scheduled at a time and date that is convenient for both parties and can take place either before or after having attended the seminar (if both are booked).