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1. Check your mood pulse with the best tools available!
2. With the help of an expert mood monitoring facilitator! 
3. Get a user-friendly report the next day for you and/or your doctor.

If you simply wish to assess your current mood state without engaging in one of our more complex and long-term diagnostic or treatment programmes, then our Mood Pulse service is what you are after!

You can check your "mood pulse" whenever you need it with this single-shot diagnostic assessment service.

We use the best psychometric tools and the most advanced clinical interviews to assess and measure your mood.

More so, our Mood Monitoring Facilitators are experts in measuring moods and most of them have completed hundreds if not more such assessments for many important clinical trials and specialist clinics at the Institute of Psychiatry and other esteemed research centres across the world.

The whole Mood Pulse session should last approximately 40-60 minutes (depending on your mood and other symptoms) and the following day you will receive a complete report with your scores from all the measures we used during your assessment.

We do our best to describe the results in a user-friendly way that you should be able to understand without much trouble and at the same time we provide all the scientific information needed for your doctor, psychologist and other treating clinicians to help them optimize your treatment.

My Mood Pulse assessments usually check your current mood state (past 24 hours, past week and past month) but it is possible if you wish to check your mood state for any other previous period in your life.

My Mood Pulse Service Facts

1. 40-60 minutes human-based expert assessment (we use technology to advance our clinical expertise not to replace our experts!)

2. Mood measurement with gold-standard psychometric instruments and semi-structured interviews

3. User-friendly reports with written and oral explanations

4. Check your mood for any time-frame you like (current time: past week - past month, or life-time ever: any period in your life)

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