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1. Diagnostic Programmes for Bipolar Disorder and Recurrent Depression

1. 1 Initial Consultation and Clinical Evaluation
- Our very first clinical evaluation. We learn about your clinical history and evaluate your clinical needs in a relaxed manner.

1. 2 My Mood Pulse
- We measure your mood! Our Expert Mood-Monitoring Facilitators provide the best possible measure of your mood state. This is your Bipolar Thermometer service!

1. 3 Diagnostic Programme - Prodromos Diagnosis (10 weeks)
- Our groundbreaking diagnostic service. We screen and diagnose every possible psychiatric diagnosis you may have (or not have). This is by far  one of the most comprehensive diagnostic services we are aware of in our field.

1. 4 Symptom Monitoring Programme - Prodromos Monitoring
- Our groundbreaking symptom monitoring service. We monitor your symptoms and mood state and train you to do so in the best possible way. Like our diagnostic service, this is by far the most comprehensive symptom monitoring service in the mental health world!

2. Treatment Services for Bipolar Disorder and Recurrent Depression

2. 1 Specialist Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Programme
- Our ground breaking specialist CBT programme provides therapy for your depression, anxiety and hypomania. If you are well then you will learn how not to relapse again, and to improve your functioning. You can only find this specialist therapy in the academic literature, and in highly specialist research centers. Dr Yanni Malliaris, your CBT therapist, has trained with the founding fathers of this therapy.

2. 2 Specialist Psychopharmacological Treatment Programme
- Our medication programme provides treatment for all phases of bipolar disorder. It is highly integrated with our specialist psychosocial treatments.

2. 3 Specialist Psychological Support (befriending)
- We provide psychological support through the ups and downs of your life. Our specialist psychologists are always there for you attending to your emotional needs and well-being.

2. 4 Specialist Nutrition & Exercise Support (bipolar & fit)
- We provide counseling on your nutrition and exercise habits. Our specialist nutrition and physical health educator is there for your dietary and physical health needs.


3. Training for Bipolar Disorder and Recurrent Depression

3. 1 Professional Training on Diagnosis and CBT treatment of Bipolar disorder

3. 2 Webinar: Bipolar Disorder Simplified
- Our introductory seminar on Bipolar disorder and related mood disorders. We make it plain and simple for you to get you started.

3. 3 Webinar: Bipolar and Fit
- Learn about the role of exercice and nutrition on your emotional health. The ancient Greeks used to say "a sound mind in a sound body" (Νοῦς ὑγιὴς ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ)

3. 4 Consulting on research, service development and new technologies
- Our consulting services are there for all your project and company needs. Our teams' expertise will help you advance your cause.