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1. Check your mood pulse with the best psychometric tools available!
2. With the help of our easy to use automated web system.  
3. Get a user-friendly report immediately, email it to your doctor and/or your therapist, and keep track of your progress.

If you simply wish to assess your current mood state without engaging in one of our more complex and long-term diagnostic or treatment programmes, then our Mood Pulse Mini service is what you are after!

You can check your "mood pulse" whenever you need it with this single-shot diagnostic assessment service.

We use the best psychometric tools to assess and measure your mood.

The Mood Pulse Mini relies on validated psychometric measures that have been developed to measure your symptoms and current state without the need of expensive human clinical input.

It is far more accurate, comprehensive and at the same time easier to remember to complete than daily mood diaries. At best you need to complete it 4 times per month rather than 30 times per month (or once per month) in order to have a valid measure of your progress.

It helps you to monitor your symptoms and levels of Mania, Depression, Anxiety, and current ability to Function at different domains in your life.

The Mood Pulse Mini takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete (depending on your mood and other symptoms) and you receive a complete report with your scores immediately in your inbox.

We do our best to describe the results in a user-friendly way that you should be able to understand without much trouble and at the same time we provide all the scientific information needed for your doctor, psychologist and other treating clinicians to help them optimize your treatment.

The Mood Pulse Mini assessments usually check your current mood state (past 24 hours, past week and past month) but it is possible if you wish to check your mood state for any other previous period in your life.

Mood Pulse Mini Service Facts

1. 5-10 minutes automatic psychometric assessment of your mood (mania, depression, anxiety) and ability to function.

2. Mood measurement with gold-standard psychometric instruments.

3. User-friendly reports delivered immediately in your inbox and in your doctor's/therapist's email.

4. Ability to track your progress on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis during your treatment.

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