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We answer all your questions regarding our forthcoming Bipolar Sailing Trip in Greece! In case you may have any more questions, please feel free to contact us

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A recent interview and book publication by the former Olympic champion Suzy Hamilton reveals how her bipolar disorder led to her to become a high class prostitute. The only certainty is that her "bipolar disorder", and the bipolar disorder of most of our patients, do not lead them to a career in prostitution.

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Setting up and running an evidence based clinical e-practice in the field of mental health is an exhilarating challenge!

In other fields of medicine, this may not be the case, but in the mental health world, evidence based practice is a relatively new development.

"Evidence-based practice" means we conduct our clinical practice based on evidence that we've acquired from clinical research. Similar to drug research, your doctor will usually prescribe medications that've been tested thoroughly through many trials, and have been proven to benefit your health condition. Once upon a time, your therapy could've been based on Dr. Ego’s clinical expertise, big name or great insights, but thankfully these days such practices are slowly becoming a nightmare of the past (although, drug companies still invest on armies of Dr. Egos “aka opinion leaders” to influence your local doctor’s prescription practices).

However, evidence-based practice is a fairly recent development in the field of mental health, and especially in the field of psychotherapy. The rise of behavioral therapy in the 60s, partly as a reaction to the psychoanalytic status quo, and later its marriage with cognitive therapy, have given us a remarkable new tradition of true evidence-based psychotherapeutic practice.


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  • How mood regulates food

One thing that determines our enjoyment in life is mood. Mood changes from day to day, moment to moment. We may be happy, energized, have optimistic feelings, take part in enjoyable activities, feel loving; but we may also feel unpleasant, moody, irritable, anxious, tired and even depressed. We've all come across these feelings and have experienced the enormous impact they have on our psychological and physical wellbeing. However, as people tend to favor positivity and happiness, we try to regulate our bad moods by engaging in certain activities and routines such as eating, exercising, smoking, drinking, socializing, playing games, watching TV, etc.

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Payment info


Payment details:

You can pay for your services using the following methods. For any payments you make remember to provide your name or any other information that will help us to identify your payment. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

1. Internet

1. 1 Paypal (accepts all major credit cards)

Account: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


2. Bank Account in UK (via bank transfer)

2. 1 Bank of Scotland

Account holder: Ioannis G. Malliaris

IBAN: GB36BOFS80912900499361


3. Bank Accounts in Greece (via bank transfer)

3. 1 Pireaus Bank

Account holder: Ioannis G. Malliaris

IBAN:  GR3901720260005026040004812

3. 2 National Bank of Greece

Account holder: Ioannis G. Malliaris

ΙΒΑΝ: GR3601101670000016763799158

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Our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

We have been keeping busy with our clinical work and service development in Greece. We have many new developments for our international audience for 2012! Among the most notable our specialist Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT programme and our new Free Bipolar Chemistry Meetings

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2012 and we look forward to meeting you through our wee bipolar chemistry meetings!

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Yes Bipolar!


Yes, Bipolar was the first open art exhibition on Bipolar disorder in Greece. It took place in April 2010 and was hosted by the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation (EDO) in Athens, Greece.

The art exhibition sparkled great interest in the public. The majority of the participants were artists (some famous, others not but all great) who had an interest or even personal experiences with Bipolar disorder. The proceeds from this unique artwork are shared between the artists and the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation. BipolarLab is supporting both the artists and the non-profit organisation by simply promoting the work to an international audience.

Here we exhibit some of the best work that is available to purchase. We welcome you to support this novel exhibition. You may view the artwork that is available to purchase in the gallery below. All the gallery items (albeit with greek descriptions can be found here: For any questions please contact us directly.


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iMonitor is our flagship product. It is a user-friendly electronic mood diary running on mobile devices (PDAs, Palm, Android, iPhone) and desktop computers (PC/Mac). It is suitable for brief clinical monitoring of bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness) and other related conditions (recurrent affective disorders, major depression, brief depression, ADHD, Borderline PD).

iMonitor has been used and validated in the Maudsley Bipolar eMonitoring Project and also in the MIRIAD Project (Mood Instability Research In ADHD) at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London.

It can monitor the following variables primarily using Visual Analog Scales (VAS 0-100), either on a daily or momentary basis:

1. High/Low Mood
2. Function
3. Sleep (onset, offset, quality)
4. Activation
5. Self-esteem (positive/negative)
6. Switches
7. Medication adherence
8. Life event impact (positive/negative)
9. Journal (open ended)
10. and up to 10 individual early signs of relapse / symptoms / behaviours.

It is very simple and easy to use and it only takes roughly 2 minutes to complete.

You may register your interest to receive an introductory offer for purchasing iMonitor.


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In this section you will find information about BipolarLab's products. We like to develop bipolar friendly products that have important applications in our clinical services and research.

For now you will find information about iMonitor, our electronic mood diary, and also Yes, Bipolar 2010! the first open art exhibition organised by the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation (EDO).

More products will be announced and listed here in the near future.


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