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We provide consultancy on research and clinical issues for other companies, clinics, and individual practitioners or students on an hourly/daily fee basis or a project basis.

We may help you to design your study, clinical audit, select the most appropriate measures, design or look after your databases and even conduct statistical analyses and write reports for you.

We may help you integrate and make the best use of new technologies for your patients in your practice or clinic. Depending on your project or needs you may outsource a significant part of your work to our company.

Through our diagnostic programme ("Prodromos - Diagnosis") we also provide consultancy for individual patients or families for the most appropriate and effective treatments (based on current evidence and knowledge) and other therapy experts near your area.


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Psycho-education is becoming increasingly important in managing mental health disorders.

A significant body of research work indicates that patients and particularly bipolar patients who are well informed about their illness have a much better outcome and course than others who have not been given the opportunity to learn about their condition.

Our two introductory seminars (1. Bipolar Disorder Simplified, and 2. Bipolar & Fit: Exercice, Nutrition and Emotional Health) provide an excellent start to interested patients, relatives, friends, students and professionals who wish to further their learning on bipolar disorder and other emotional disorders.

The seminars are offered in a group format with a maximum of 7 participants to allow enough time for individual interaction. For each seminar we also offer an individual consultation where participants can learn about the topics of each seminar in a more private manner.

Finally, we provide training for mental health professionals and students on a number gold-standard diagnostic, symptom and psychological assessments as well as on the delivery of our diagnostic and treatment programmes.

1. Bipolar Disorder Simplified (4 hour webinar & eWorkshop)
2. Bipolar & Fit: Exercise, Nutrition and Emotional Health (4 hour webinar & eWorkshop)
3. Training for mental health professionals and students

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Our Treatment programmes follow the same philosophy. We provide specialist integrative therapy for bipolar disorder, that includes cognitive behaviour therapy, supportive psychotherapy, and nutritional support, remotely all over the world. We also provide medical care (medication, hospital care) locally in Athens, Greece. We are committed to evidence-based therapies as recommended by international treatment guidelines. Even though we follow protocol based treatments we are experienced and sensitive enough to our patients' individual needs. We are very proud of our specialist Residential Treatment Programme - our Bipolar home, that provides the most advanced, integrative, one-to-one private care available.


With regards to treatment, we are currently offering a novel befriending service providing psychological support and also specialist Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for people with bipolar and unipolar depressive disorders.

Through our Lifestyle support programme we are also tackling problems with lack of activity and bad nutrition that have a significant yet much neglected role in our emotional well-being.

All treatment programmes are also open to relatives and friends of people with mood disorders who may need ongoing support or even treatment. Research has shown that a significant number of relatives and partners experience considerable burden and also suffer from a range of mental health problems.

Again it is important to re-iterate that all the interventions we support and undertake are based on important data-driven research that has demonstrated a degree of effectiveness in bipolar disorder and/or unipolar depressive disorders.


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Our Diagnostic programmes have been designed to assess in the best possible way a person's clinical needs, to establish a diagnosis (if there is one), and at the same time educate both patients and relatives about symptoms, diagnoses, and best possible treatments. A correct diagnosis and a comprehensive understanding of a person's history and current problems are the golden cornerstones for effective treatment. We use validated gold-standard interviews and self-report psychometric measures that usually can only be found in treatment trials conducted in specialist academic clinical centres. Thanks to our work since 2002 that started at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's college London, we have even improved some of these diagnostic tools, and have developed some of our own.


Our two flagship diagnostic programmes "Prodromos - Diagnosis" and "Prodromos - Monitoring" are based on Dr Malliaris' doctoral thesis and overall research programme on the measurement and monitoring of mental health problems in general and mood disorders in particular. This research is backed up by decades of empirical work by many mental health researchers who have been working to quantify mental health and hence lead to effective and measurable treatment interventions.

"Prodromos - Diagnosis" is open to all people who may experience difficulties with their mental health and wish to find out more about their mental health, whereas "Prodromos - Monitoring" is open only to patients who have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or a unipolar depressive disorder.

Both programmes aim at clarifying a person's diagnosis and also predicting the course of their disorder, hence the Greek world "Prodromos", which means the forerunner of an event.

We also use novel new technologies (actiwatches, pedometers, smartphones) for assisting the clinical monitoring of our patients. Our research has been instrumental in developing a novel electronic mood diary (iMonitor) and assisting with the development of an Actiwatch (Porcupine) that can monitor objectively all kinds of activities that help to track the course of complex recurrent mood disorders.

Finally, for people who wish to have a one-off measurement of their current mood state, we have developed novel service - My Mood Pulse. Our expert Mood Monitoring Facilitators love taking your mood pulse when and as needed by you.

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BipolarLab's specialist care & programmes cover the entire range of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Training of Bipolar disorder and recurrent depression.

The novelty in our approach is of course our expertise and our singular focus on bipolar disorder and recurrent depression. Our commitment and use of research-based assessments throughout our programmes, and also the remote delivery of almost all our services via the internet and the telephone are also unique features of our service. Of course our beautiful local hubs are also easily accessible across different parts of Athens, Greece.

Finally, we take great pride in providing our services with gentleness and care, and as much as we can with humour.

We are proud of our clinical work that delivers important clinical outcomes such as a very small number of hospital admissions, stable and quick recoveries from all bipolar episodes, few bipolar episodes, and better functioning outcomes than most would expect.

Our effort to improve our work and clinical outcomes is ongoing.

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