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WHO WE ARE is a pioneering private clinical practice that delivers specialist evidence-based diagnostic and treatment programmes for patients with Bipolar disorder, recurrent depression, and related bipolar spectrum disorders (psychosis, dual diagnosis, borderline/narcissistic pd). 

All our care and programmes are delivered remotely all over the world to English and Greek speaking patients. We have a unique expertise in the remote delivery (via the internet/telephone) of most of our programmes, and specialise in the application of new technologies in mental health (mental health informatics).


We also provide our care locally at 3 beautiful treatment hubs in Glyfada, Athens, and Rafina, Greece. We are open to collaborations and licensing agreements to new local treatment hubs worldwide.


BipolarLab was founded by Dr Yanni Malliaris, B.Sc., P.hD at the Institute of PsychiatryKing's College London in 2002.​


To provide the highest quality of diagnostic and symptom monitoring programmes for people with Bipolar disorder, recurrent depression, and related bipolar spectrum disorders.

To provide the most effective treatment & care for people with Bipolar disorder, recurrent depression, and related bipolar spectrum disorders.

To provide the best professional training on the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder and related mood disorders. 


Dr Yanni Malliaris

Clinical Psychologist
Doctorate of the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London
University of London

Our Team

The members of BipolarLab's team consist of experienced clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, nutrionists, personal trainers, activity facilitators, and patient-experts. We have a truly multi-disciplinary team. The backgrounds and CVs of our members speak on their own for the quality of our team.

Our clinical team members have trained and worked in psychology or psychiatry at the Institute of PsychiatryKing's College London and other esteemed clinical academic centres in UK.
Our lifestyle support team members are equally strong. They are dedicated to promoting health by improving the diet and activity of our patients. 
Our patient-experts are true and amazing experts in their bipolar disorder. They have benefited from our care and provide back by supporting all our programmes.


We believe that people with Bipolar disorder and recurrent depression can lead healthy and productive lives by taking control of their illness and by becoming full partners in their care with the help of their family, friends and treatment providers. A good understanding of these disorders, and the right tools and services to monitor their course are essential in order to achieve recovery and maintain stability.


We believe that effective care and treatment options can only be developed through systematic clinical research. Hence in our operation we combine practice with research by involving our patients through all the steps of our programmes, and by delivering our services within well designed research evaluation schemes.


We believe that truly patient-centered services can only be developed by direct private funding from patients and relatives and also patient-organisations whose primary goal can only be the advancement of their own care and well-being. Hence all our clinical care is provided on a private (self-pay) basis. 


We believe in patient confidentiality and patient choice, which are of paramount importance to our work.


Our specialist private practice developed as a result of Dr Yanni Malliaris' (our founder & CEO) efforts to complete his PhD project at the Institute of PsychiatryKing's College London. However, in reality the activities of had began as early as his childhood years, when Dr Malliaris was trying to make sense of and monitor his father's (George Malliaris) bipolar illness.

Later through his professional work, personal experiences and further contact with many Bipolar patients, he came to appreciate and value the need for an independent "human-based" service to assist Bipolar people to monitor the ups and downs of their condition. Having worked in many novel treatment trials at the Institute of Psychiatry and witnessed the significant benefits of "add on" care to patients in comparison to TAU ('Treatment as usual") he became even more convinced that this model of evidence-based care should become available to all patients.

After almost a decade of work at the Institute of Psychiatry and the successful completion his PhD degree, Dr Malliaris decided to continue his work on a private basis through In 2008, he also founded EDO the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation, Greece's first and premier national non-profit organisation for Bipolar patients.

The programmes developed and offered through are a product of life-time experience with bipolar disorder and also thorough and systematic research that has been funded by many esteemed research councils in UK.


Nevertheless, the main contributors have been and will always be the patients who will engage and benefit from our clinical work and to them we extend our heartfelt thanks.


Father, Professor, Bipolar
1942 - 2003

BipolarLab was founded in his loving memory by his son Dr Yanni Malliaris.

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