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Feel free to reach out to us in anyway that it is easy for you.


We are happy to answer any of your procedural questions prior to booking your initial consultation. For clinical matters we need to know your history and have assessed you prior to any consultations.

We are available from Monday to Friday (9am to 9pm) by appointment only.

We continue to serve the majority of our patients online via our e-Hub but we also have availability in our local hubs (Glyfada, Rafina, Athens).

For urgent clinical matters during out hours' service please send us a text message (SMS) (+30-6970018622) or seek immediate assistance from a nearby local clinic that may provide 24/24 - 365/365 crisis support. 

BipolarLab e-Hub
Remote specialist care globally

BipolarLab Glydada Hub 
Zisimopoulou 12, 16674, Glyfada, Greece

BipolarLab Rafina Hub 
Stratou Antoniadi 13, 19009, Rafina, Greece

BipolarLab Athens Hub 
Asimaki Fotila 3, 11473, Athens, Greece




Thanks for getting in touch!
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