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Altman Mania Rating Scale

A brief 5 item scale that helps you to measure your levels of well-being/hypomania/mania.

This a wee measure of happy mania! It is helpful to assess what we call euphoric mainly (happy) high phases that may be mild enough to be considered hypomanic or more severe to be considered manic.

If you are too manic it is unlikely that you will be able to complete this measure but if you do so then you still have time to get help and prevent your manic episode.

This measure does not work very well with more dysphoric (unhappy, mixed) manic states and mania in general has many faces. It is also not very sensitive in picking up milder highs.

If you however need a brief measure of mania, then the Altman scale is just perfect for you.

For more subclinical highs (hypomania or mixed states), it is better to use the Hypomanic Check List Questionnaire and/or the Internal State Scale.

No matter what your results maybe, it is important that you discuss them with your psychologist and/or psychiatrist or mental health team. We are always available for consultations.

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