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BipolarLab's specialist care & programmes cover the entire range of diagnosis, symptom monitoring, education and treatment of Bipolar disorder and recurrent depression. The novelty in our approach is of course our expertise and our singular focus on bipolar disorder and recurrent depression.

Our commitment and use of research-based assessments throughout our programmes and also the remote delivery of almost all our services via the internet and the telephone are also unique features of our service.

Finally, we take great pride in providing our services with gentleness and care, and as much as we can with humour.

Our education and training programmes have been designed to disseminate our knowledge and experience with mood disorders both to patients and relatives as well as students and professionals. Knowledge of one's disorder, especially Bipolar disorder, is critical in its effective self-management and an important starting point for engaging with effective treatments.

Our diagnostic and symptom monitoring care have been designed to assess in the best possible way a person's clinical needs, to establish a diagnosis (if there is one) and at the same time educate both patients and relatives about symptoms, diagnoses, and best possible treatments. We use validated gold-standard interviews and self-report psychometric measures that usually are found in treatment trials conducted in specialist academic clinical centres. Such services are usually available only to a handful of patients who happen to reside in the geographical area where such trials take place, who are lucky enough to be selected to participate in such programmes. Thanks to the research conducted through this lab since 2002, we have even improved some of these diagnostic tools and have developed some of our own.

Our treatment programmes follow the same philosophy. We provide specialist cognitive behavioural therapy for bipolar disorder, supportive psychotherapy, and nutritional support remotely all over the world. We also provide medical care (medication and hospital admission) locally in London, UK and Athens, Greece. We are committed to evidence-based therapies as recommended by international treatment guidelines. Even though we follow protocol based treatments we are experienced and sensitive enough to our patients' individual needs.

Finally we provide research and clinical consultancy services to other companies, clinics and individual practitioners/students.

Our focus and experience in delivering such clinical care and services remotely over the internet means that any patient who meets our clinical and research criteria will be able to benefit from our work.