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Dr Eirini ManthouEirini was born in Athens. Her studies are related to physical education, sports science and human nutrition. In 2003 she graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science in Trikala. Then she did her MSc in Human Nutrition in the University of Glasgow. At the same institution she completed her doctoral thesis, which is related to the impact of exercise on energy balance, on appetite and satiety regulation as well as the beneficial effects of exercise on metabolic parameters associated with chronic disease. In particular she is interested in the effects of exercise and nutritional management in Bipolar disorder and recurrent depression. She has been working as a professional personal trainer and nutritional counselor with individuals, schools and other professional organisations.

Eirini is BipolarLab's Director of Exercise and Nutrition eSupport programme. Her programmes promote physical activity, good dietary habits and healthy lifestyles for people with Bipolar disorder and recurrent depression.



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