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We are currently running two online research studies. These are fairly simple to do. You will only have to complete a couple of online questionnaires for each study and describe some of your experiences. Both studies are open to people with mental health difficulties and people without. There is of course no cost involved in participating in any of these studies. As a courtesy we provide free consultations and variable discounts for our private care to all research participants. At the end of each study or every time we publish an article you will receive a copy of it. If you wish to participate to future studies you may also sign up to our research mailing list or join our facebook page and twitter account.


1. Energy, Activity, and Mood Across the World web study:

Brief study description: In this study we are looking at how changes in mood, energy and activity levels affect the behaviour of people across the world. Instead of looking simply at negative emotional states, we are primarily interested in positive mood states and their impact in people's social life and work. If you decide to participate you will be asked to complete 5 brief web-questionnaires and provide some simple demographic information (age, gender, country etc.). This study also includes the hypomanic check list questionnaire, which is a research tool that we have been validating over the past few years for screening Bipolar disorder. If you complete the study one of our BipolarLab Psychologist will have a free consultation with you to discuss your results. If you like have a more thorough evaluation and to find out more about whether you have a bipolar disorder or any other mental health condition, please see our Diagnostic services that have been designed with this purpose in mind.

Time required: This study will only take 15 minutes of your time.

Web-Link: You can take part in the online-web version of the study by using the following link:


2. Attachment Style & Childhood Experiences web study:

Brief study description: In this study we are investigating the attachment style and childhood experiences of people who have a history of psychosis or bipolar disorder and people who have no such mental health histories. Attachment style is a term psychologists use to refer to the different ways people have learned to relate to the people they feel most close to, mainly from their experiences when they were young. We also want to understand whether there are any cultural differences in the attachment styles of people from African-Caribbean, White-British and other cultural backgrounds. We feel that the attachment and childhood experiences of people from other cultural backgrounds have not been studied enough and we would like to change this. A better understanding of these experiences may help us to improve the experience of the clinical services people receive when in need.

Time required: This study should take a bit longer to complete, approximately 30 minutes of your time.

Web-Link: You can take part in the online-web version of the study by using the following link:


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