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Dr Eirini Manthou

Tatiana Gorney began her career as a journalist at 17. After finishing journalism school, she wrote for Eleftherotypia Kyriakatiki, Greece's leading Sunday Newspaper. After 7 years there she felt something was missing. She wanted to do more for others so she decided to seek further education.

She studied psychology at Lancaster University in the U.K. and received a B.Sc in Psychology (2006).

When she returned to Greece, she continued her quest for further knowledge in the field of psychology via seminars and classes on Gestalt therapy, Cognitive therapy, Behavioral and Systemic therapy. However, it was Carl Rogers' book on the ”person – centered” approach that really inspired her and guided her decision to enroll in the Institute of Counseling and Psychological Studies and become a “person-centered counselor”. In addition to her private practice, she contributes her time and knowledge to many non-governmental organizations, including EDO The Hellenic Bipolar Organisation and the Roots Research Centre.

Tatiana co-ordinates BipolarLab's personal support and befriending services programme and also works as a Mood Monitoring Facilitator (MMF).





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