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Psycho-education is becoming increasingly important in managing mental health disorders.

A significant body of research work indicates that patients and particularly bipolar patients who are well informed about their illness have a much better outcome and course than others who have not been given the opportunity to learn about their condition.

Our two introductory seminars (1. Bipolar Disorder Simplified, and 2. Bipolar & Fit: Exercice, Nutrition and Emotional Health) provide an excellent start to interested patients, relatives, friends, students and professionals who wish to further their learning on bipolar disorder and other emotional disorders.

The seminars are offered in a group format with a maximum of 7 participants to allow enough time for individual interaction. For each seminar we also offer an individual consultation where participants can learn about the topics of each seminar in a more private manner.

Finally, we provide training for mental health professionals and students on a number gold-standard diagnostic, symptom and psychological assessments as well as on the delivery of our diagnostic and treatment programmes.

1. Bipolar Disorder Simplified (4 hour webinar & eWorkshop)
2. Bipolar & Fit: Exercise, Nutrition and Emotional Health (4 hour webinar & eWorkshop)
3. Training for mental health professionals and students


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