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The members of BipolarLab's team consist of clinical researchers and practitioners, technical software and hardware IT experts, business consultants, and patient-experts. We have a truly multi-disciplinary team. The backgrounds and CVs of our members speak on their own for the quality of our team.

Our clinical team members have trained and worked in psychology or psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London and other esteemed clinical academic centers.

Our technical team is equally strong. They have developed amazing technical products on their own.

Our business consultants have experience in marketing, capital funding, and the high luxury industry and finally

Our patient-experts are true and amazing experts in their bipolar disorder currently doing great work in advocacy and education across the world.

Dr Yanni MalliarisDr Eirini ManthouDr Ruth OhlsenMiss Tatiana GorneyMiss Christina GerazounisMiss Natasa SapounaDr Mike HadjulisDr Tom WernerDr Richardo Sainz FuertesDr Daniel LiebermanDr Roderic Gorney

Mr Andy SoupianasMr Alexey GuesevDr Kristof Van LaerhovenMr Andrew HoppsMr Dimitris TzililisMr Chris Mistriotis




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