Specialist Psychopharmacological Treatment Print

1. What is the specialist psychopharmacological treatment Programme?

Our specialist psychopharmacological treatment programme aims to help patients who have difficulties with their emotional health. The primary aim of this treatment is to treat acute mood episodes, and to prevent the emergence of new episodes (prophylaxis)

2. What does it offer?

Clinical Evaluation & detailed medical history

Detailed recording of previous psychotropic treatments

Lab work and evaluation of each patient's blood  and metabolic profile

Patient and family psychoeducation about the different medication options

Specialist psychotropic care integrated with specialist psychosocial treatment

Advanced monitoring of the psychotropic treatments and the treatment response

Continuous monitoring of potential side-effects and prompt aleviation/treatment.

Continous monitoring of the psychotropic treatment and careful adjustment according to patient's needs.

Our specialist psychopharmacological treatment programme helps patients with bipolar disorder, depression and related mood disorders, to achieve their desired stability in life and to improve their functioning. The treatment works best in combination with our diagnostic, symptom monitoring, and psychosocial treatment programmes.

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