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Treatment Plans

Even though our care is highly customised to each patient's clinical needs, we also offer the option to have standard treatment and pricing plans. These plans are NOT commercial offerings but represent the minimum level of treatment for different clinical needs. Our Spartan plan for instance is suitable for anyone who wishes to have steady but low-intensity therapy for relapse prevention purposes. Whereas our Athenian and Byzantine plans are helpful for patients who need more active treatment. It is best to select the most suitable plan for you following your initial consultation and also upon completion of our initial diagnostic and assessment programme. For patients who need support & therapy but they cannot afford any of the following Treatment plans we may be able to provide access to our trainee psychologists who may be able to provide therapy at a lower cost. Prior to starting with any of these treatment plans you need to have an initial consultation.

  • Spartan

    Low Intensity Integrative Treatment Plan (for Steady Self-Help Warriors)
    Valid for one month
    • 2 sessions per month (psychotherapy / meds)
    • Weekly self-monitoring (4 weekly sessions per month)
    • Bipolar Self-help group (continuous)
    • Library (self-help & lay materials)
    • Full access to our Trainee Support Programme
  • Athenian

    Standard Intensity Integrative Treatment Plan (for Wise Treatment Scholars)
    Valid for one month
    • 4 sessions per month (psychotherapy/meds)
    • Specialist CBT Psychotherapy
    • Integrative Medication Treatment (1 Psychiatry session)
    • Weekly Symptom Monitoring (4 weekly sessions per month)
    • Messaging Support (as needed)
    • Athenian Support group (moderated, when ready)
    • Library Access (self-help, lay & academic books)
    • Limited access to our Trainee Support Programme
  • Byzantine

    High Intensity Integrative Treatment Plan (for Holy Crusaders)
    Valid for 2 months
    • 8 sessions / month (psychotherapy/meds)
    • Integrative Medication Treatment
    • Specialist CBT Psychotherapy
    • Unlimited Messaging Support
    • Access to all Support groups & Mindfulness practice
    • Unlimited Symptom Monitoring
    • Optional Access to our Trainee Support Programme
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