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#4Ukraine - Psychological Support e-Programme (free)

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

In response to the recent war events our clinical team, and our trainees have decided to offer pro bono (free) psychological care to any Ukrainian citizens who have been traumatised by the recent war events.

We expect that there will be other initiatives as well for psychosocial support. We should also remind everybody that mental health care in Greece can be accessed for free in the public health domain even without health insurance (see this article).

In order to deliver the best possible care of those in need we would prioritise Ukrainian patients who meet the following criteria:

1. They have financial need, and they cannot access private mental health care.

2. They have experienced a significant traumatic war related event, and this has started to impact their daily functioning.

3. They have a long standing mental health condition (bipolar, depression, psychosis, anxiety etc) and they currently feel unwell.

It would also help us for everybody to complete this initial screening form prior to booking any consultations.

We can provide our care ONLINE ONLY (via zoom, Google meet, Skype).

We can provide our care in English and Greek only.

Because we are a small private specialist mental health practice we would be grateful if you could use this programme ONLY if you cannot afford private care.

We can accept donations in kind (computer equipment, mobile phones, telephone credit, direct contributions to pharmacies for medications) or in cash donations in order to cover related costs of our volunteers (only in our go get funding campaign)

If you are a psychologist, social worker, nurse or a psychiatrist who would like to join our team and our Ukraine support e-programme please email us your CV here. Use subject line: 4Ukraine Volunteer

If you wish to benefit from the care of our #4Ukraine e-programme please complete this screening form and schedule your free initial consultation (use this coupon code "4Ukraine"for a 100% discount).

Peace to all. #4Ukraine

Dr Yanni Malliaris Clinical Psychologist Doctorate of the Institute of Psychiatry King's College London Founder & Clinical Director of & the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation (EDO) Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician (BICBT-CC)

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