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BipolarLab Journal

BipolarLab FAQ for Unquiet Minds

We have written up a brief FAQ section with some of your most frequent questions for your Unquiet Minds.

Feel free to send us your questions. Our clinical team will do the best they can to answer your individual questions in a way that will be helpful to all bipolar community.

If you have very specific questions that concern your situation and treatment we will try to give you a generic answer that will be helpful to all.

Some questions require knowledge of your mental health history and circumstances, in which case we recommend that you book an initial consultation with us.

Attending one of our introductory webinars is also a good way to learn more about your bipolar disorder and have your questions answered. All our webinars are LIVE (real time) and you have plenty of time to put forward your questions.

We hope that you find this section of our site helpful too.

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