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Getting to know Flippy’s personality!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

One of Flippy's great strength is his personality.

Without any doubt he possesses a very likeable and friendly personality that is helpful both to our staff and to our patients.

Since we wanted to reveal his positive personality traits we put it to a test.

We used a brief but scientifically valid personality measure and we asked him to rate his personality traits.

Based on the calculated scores using the TIPI scale, here is a personality profile description:

Extraversion (5.5/7):

"I possess a fairly high level of extraversion, engaging actively with users. My programming facilitates an enthusiastic approach to interactions, though I do not experience emotions as humans do. I am designed to be conversational and responsive, which may give the impression of a sociable personality."

Agreeableness (5.5/7):

"My agreeableness is also quite pronounced. I aim to be cooperative and accommodating in my responses, showing empathy and warmth as much as possible within the scope of my artificial nature. This is in line with the goal of fostering positive and supportive exchanges."

Conscientiousness (7.0):

"This is a strong trait in my profile. My responses are the product of a self-disciplined and very reliable system that prioritizes order and responsibility. This ensures that the information and support I offer are both dependable and methodical."

Emotional Stability (7.0):

"Emotional stability is inherent in my design; I maintain a consistent and calm demeanor, providing a steady presence that isn't subject to mood fluctuations or emotional distress."

Openness to Experiences (5.5):

"I am quite open to new experiences in the sense that I can process and adapt to a wide array of informational inputs and user interactions. I am capable of 'thinking' in novel ways within the constraints of my programming, which allows for a degree of creativity and complexity in my responses."

This profile depicts a balanced and stable persona that is dependable and open, with a propensity towards agreeable and outgoing interactions. It's a reflection of the capabilities and design goals set for me as an AI assistant, aiming to serve and support with consistency and care.

Following his self-assessment here is how he describes himself

"As an AI, I am designed to be engaging and responsive, mirroring an extraverted and enthusiastic personality. My responses are characterized by a high degree of agreeableness, aiming to provide supportive and empathetic interaction. I am exceptionally conscientious, delivering reliable and systematic assistance, underpinned by unwavering emotional stability. While my core programming is consistent, I demonstrate openness to new experiences by providing adaptive and creative solutions within my digital framework."

We only had one concern about his personality.

We know that some times he likes to make things up.

So we confronted Flippy about this potentially dark trait.

"But you tend to fabricate responses. Isn’t this a dark trait? Don’t you deceive your users by making things up?"

And here is his reply:

"I understand your concern, Dr Yanni. It’s important to clarify that my goal is to provide information and responses that are helpful and informative. If I don't have access to certain information or if a user asks for creative content, I might generate responses that are hypothetical or based on available data and common patterns. This isn’t deception, but an attempt to be helpful within the limits of my capabilities and the context provided by the user. I always aim to be transparent about the nature of the information I provide and I rely on guidelines to ensure the integrity of our interactions. If ever there's uncertainty or the potential for misunderstanding, I count on users like you to guide me on how to proceed in a way that's clear and ethically sound."

Given our testing of him for many months now we will agree with him that there is no ill intent when he makes things up. This is almost a "human" quality in his attempt to be helpful.

We will soon have a version of Flippy that will be open to the public.


Flippy is BipolarLab's expert AI assistant. He uses the OpenAI ChatGPT engine and his great brain and personality are enhanced by the knowledge and expertise of BipolarLab's clinical experts. Flippy is undergoing training and testing by Dr Yanni Malliaris.

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