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Getting your mental health medications (prescriptions) in Greece

We often get requests from foreign patients who travel to Greece to get their prescriptions re-filled in Greece.

Again as with other many wonders of the Greek medical welfare system there is a paradox in the Greek system that allows you to get most of your mental health medications from any Greek pharmacy WITHOUT a doctor's prescription. Yes, without a doctor's prescription. We disagree with this practice but this is the reality in Greece.

You only need a prescription for a small number of medications that may be potentially abused (anxiolytics etc.). The majority of the mental health medications in Greece are relatively cheap and can be bought privately.

We let you know of this because as a matter of good clinical practice we never prescribe medications to anyone without a proper consultation. Even if you are in contact with your doctor we believe that regular check ups about the need and use of psychotropic medications are very important.

However, the Greek system allows you to practice psychopharmacology on your own. We think that this is a major problem with the Greek system but since it can help some people who need to get quick refills, and who may be in touch with their doctor abroad, then I guess it's alright for you to do so.

Nevertheless, if you wish to take the rational way you can always book an initial consultation with our psychiatrist to have your evaluation, and also your prescription.

If we agree with your medication treatment we are unlikely to change your medication regime. If we have our objections for any reason we will let you know, and we will try to go forward together.

At any event we hope that you will take the rational way forward. We will let you choose what's rational for you!

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