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New “Walking sessions”

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Given the ongoing threat of the coronavirus infection but at the same time the need of our local patients to receive face to face care we move forward by adding an ancient but forgotten method of delivering our care.

We formally introduce our “Walking sessions“ in our Glyfada and Rafina local hubs.

The “Walking sessions“ were first discovered and used by a group of Ancient Greek Philosophers called the “Peripatetik Philosophers“ (from the Greek word peripatos = walk)

Aristotle (c. 334 – 322) represents one the leading “Peripatetic“ philosophers. These philosophers engaged with their students while walking, and this form of conduct promoted a more equal relationship.

In modern times Steve Jobs the founder of Apple used to be a great advocate of this method and he was rumoured to hold most of his important business meetings and partnerships during waking sessions.

In our present time and in our mental health field this represents a new method of delivering face to face care, and at the same time offers more protection from the spread of the corona virus.

We have been testing informally walking sessions over the past few years, and we have often observed the benefits that come from combining a low level exercise with a higher level mental effort. The majority of our sessions reported positive feelings and a small energy boost following each walking session.

Of course our regular telehealth appointments will continue but we will be offering as an added option The “Walking sessions” to anyone who would like to try this and we also believe they are suitable for them.

We will keep you updated about our progress with our “Walking sessions“.

Dr Yanni Malliaris

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