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Specialist Clinical Training on 
Behaviour Therapy for Mood Disorders

Updated: Sep 22, 2022


Our training program aims to offer comprehensive training to mental health professionals in the diagnosis and behaviour therapy of mood disorders.

Our goal is to train behaviour therapy specialists who have both the knowledge and the experience to improve the lives of people who have problems with their emotional health (depression, bipolar disorder & comorbid anxiety and other disorders) and to create future mental health professionals who are specialists in mood disorders.

We aim to provide basic and more specialised training in behaviour therapy, psychometric diagnosis and evaluation, psychopharmacology and in general in the evidence based model of integrative treatment.

We aim to support the professional development of our students into specialist mental health professionals who work with ethics and love for the good of their patients.

Through our specialist training, we intend to provide support and treatment to a wide range of people with mood disorders, who would not be able to afford treatment in the Greek private sector but also do not have access to specialist mental health services in the Greek public sector.

All our trainees from the first year of their training, follow a program of clinical practice and involvement with patients, which will develop their clinical experience and subsequent specialisation in mood disorders.

The instructors of our training programme are expert psychologists and psychiatrists who specialise in the full range of mood disorders with postgraduate and doctoral studies. Most of our instructors hold PhDs from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, University of London. Distinguished Professors from UK and USA are also expected to participate as expert guest lecturers in our programme.

The training in our center is directly related to the clinical work of, the day care programme of, and the non-profit work of the Hellenic Bipolar Organization ( We also maintain partnerships with private and public psychiatric clinics.

In order to sign up please send us a copy of your CV and complete the registration form.

For more information regarding the training programme see the attached information sheets. We offer a free consultation session to all interested trainees.

Download PDF • 370KB

Download PDF • 447KB

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