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Yes Bipolar!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Yes, Bipolar was the first open art exhibition on Bipolar disorder in Greece.

It took place in April 2010 and was hosted by the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation (EDO) in Athens, Greece.

The art exhibition sparkled great interest in the public. The majority of the participants were artists (some famous, others not but all great) who had an interest or even personal experiences with Bipolar disorder. The proceeds from this unique artwork are shared between the artists and the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation. BipolarLab is supporting both the artists and the non-profit organisation by simply promoting the work to an international audience.

Here we exhibit some of the best work that is available to purchase. We welcome you to support this novel exhibition. You may view the artwork that is available to purchase in the gallery below. All the gallery items (albeit with greek descriptions can be found here: For any questions please contact us directly.

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