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Dr Aimilia Zika


Dr. Emilia Zika, having grown up in Corfu and completed her medical degree at the University of Crete's School of Medicine, brings a rich background in psychiatric care to BipolarLab. Her advanced training spans several notable institutions, including the Psychiatric Hospital of Corfu and the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica - Dafni, where she honed her expertise in mood disorders.

Dr. Zika's specialty in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and systemic/family psychotherapy significantly enhances her approach to treating bipolar disorders, aligning with BipolarLab’s emphasis on comprehensive, evidence-based, and family-inclusive treatment modalities.

Since joining BipolarLab in 2016, she has been pivotal in developing and leading innovative care strategies that cater specifically to the complex needs of individuals with bipolar disorder.

Furthermore, Dr. Zika's additional qualification as a sexologist enriches her understanding of the psychosexual complexities that can accompany mood disorders, enabling her to offer a more holistic treatment approach. Her active participation in the broader academic and clinical community, including teaching and publishing, ensures that the latest advancements in mood disorder treatment are integrated into BipolarLab's practices.

Dr. Zika's dedication to her field and her patients at BipolarLab reflects her commitment to improving mental health outcomes and supporting individuals and families affected by bipolar disorder through superior care and innovative therapeutic interventions.

Dr Aimilia Zika
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