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Dr Yanni Malliaris

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director

Dr Yanni Malliaris graduated from Stirling University and UCLA with a first class honours degree in Psychology in 1999. During his undergraduate years he developed an interest in the psychosocial factors of affective disorders by studying with Professor Constance Hammen, and trained in behaviour modification with Professor Ivar Lovaas. He then went on to complete his military service in the Hellenic Airforce (2000-2002) and then worked as a research psychologist at the Institute of psychiatry, King’s College London (2002-2010), where he also completed his Doctoral PhD thesis under the supervision of Professor Dinesh Bhugra and Professor Tom Craig.At the Institute of Psychiatry, he began his work with Professor Dominic Lam in the Psychology department and the Affective Disorders Unit. Following funding from the Medical Research Council he commenced his PhD thesis (2005-2010) where he explored the impact of sub-syndromal symptoms in the course of Bipolar disorder, and particularly the role of symptom variability in predicting relapse. His doctoral thesis became the basis of the novel diagnostic and symptom monitoring services now offered through It was Dr Malliaris' participants who appreciated the utility of having such services and making them available to all patients. 

Upon successful completion of his work at the Institute, Dr Malliaris decided to continue with his research and clinical work on a private basis through, a pioneer private clinical practice delivering

Dr Yanni Malliaris
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