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Our Care

Over the past 20 years of our development and care we have developed the most comprehensive clinical programme for diagnosing and treating the full spectrum of Bipolar and depressive disorders. Our model is humanistic, yet it is based on cutting edge assessments and evidence based interventions. Our patients benefit the most from an integrative treatment model that uses equally well psychosocial and biological treatments.



Our Diagnostic programmes will help us to understand the nature and the mechanism of each person who seeks our help. We cannot stress more about how important it is to start with the best diagnostic picture possible. A correct and compehensive diagnosis at all levels is key to effective and long term treatment.


Once we have a good understanding of the diagnosis then our treatment programmes are tailored to each person's individual needs. We rely on evidence based effective treatments that are always delivered in the most humane and caring manner.



Our training programme ensures that our team is always evolving and growing in order to best support all the needs of our patients. We have an amazing training programme on the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders that also serves the needs of patients who cannot afford private care. Our students and trainees benefit from expert training and also provide an important service to our community.


Our Care is also delivered within well organised programmes that provide the best results for each phase of the treatment. Each programme is also adapted to every person's individual needs.

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