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Our Treatment programmes follow the same philosophy. We provide specialist integrative therapy for bipolar disorder, that includes cognitive behaviour therapy, supportive psychotherapy, and nutritional support, remotely all over the world.


We also provide medical care (medication, hospital care, residential care) locally in Athens, Greece (Glyfada & Rafina Center).


We are committed to evidence-based therapies as recommended by international treatment guidelines. Even though we follow protocol based treatments we are experienced and sensitive enough to our patients' individual needs.

We are very proud of our specialist Residential Treatment Programme - our Bipolar home -, that provides the most advanced, integrative, one-to-one private care available.


Integrative treatment

With regards to treatment, we are experts in providing specialist biological treatments (medication & light therapy) combined with specialist Cognitive Behavior Therapies (CBT, DBT, ACT, FAP) for people with bipolar and unipolar depressive disorders and their related comorbidities (anxiety, psychosis, borderline/narcissistic/antisocial.

Through our novel befriending programme we provide psychological support. Through our Lifestyle support programme we are also tackling problems with social isolation and lack of activity and bad nutrition that have a significant yet much neglected role in our emotional well-being.

All treatment programmes are also open to relatives and friends of people with mood disorders who may need ongoing support or even treatment. Research has shown that a significant number of relatives and partners experience considerable burden and also suffer from a range of mental health problems.


Again it is important to re-iterate that all the interventions we support and undertake are based on important data-driven research that has demonstrated a degree of effectiveness in bipolar disorder and/or unipolar depressive disorders.

Ivar Lovaas

1927 - 2010
Father of Behavior Therapy

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