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We train you to become a bipolar expert 
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Our Training programmes have been designed to disseminate our knowledge and experience with mood disorders both to patients and relatives as well as students and professionals. 


Knowledge of one's disorder, especially Bipolar disorder, is critical in its effective self-management, and an important starting point for engaging with effective treatments.


Our training programme for mental health professionals provides advanced training on the diagnosis and CBT treatment of Bipolar disorder. 


Finally, we provide research and clinical consultancy services to other companies, clinics and individual practitioners/students.


Our focus and experience in delivering such clinical care and services remotely over the internet means that any patient who meets our clinical and research criteria will be able to benefit from our work.


Professional Training

We provide specialist training for professionals and students on a number of mental health assessments and also on our diagnostic and treatment programmes.


The training is usually arranged on an individual basis and can be charged either at an hourly rate or per training course/unit.


We can also train and certify your medical and other mental health staff for using these assessments and to assist your team to establish good inter-rater reliability.


Training can be provided in English, Greek. Training can be provided remotely at any location in the world via our e-learning platform or locally in our offices in Athens, Greece.


Our training team members (psychologists and psychiatrists) are not only experienced trainers but have used all these gold-standard assessments on many well-funded research trials that have resulted in peer-reviewed publications.


Contact us with your questions and training needs in order to receive further information about our professional training services. We will do our best to arrange a training package tailored to your needs.

Emil Kraepelin

1856 - 1926
German Psychiatrist

Father of Manic-Depressive illness

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