B. F. Skinner

1904 - 1990
Harvard University
Father of Behavior Psychology



With You Every Step of the Way


BipolarLab's specialist care cover the entire range of DiagnosisTreatment, and Training of Bipolar disorder and recurrent depression.

The novelty in our approach is of course our expertise and our singular focus on bipolar disorder and recurrent depression. Our commitment and use of gold-standard assessments & evidence-based treatments throughout our programmes. 

The remote delivery of almost all our care via the internet and the telephone are also unique features of our service since 2002.

Of course our beautiful local hubs are also easily accessible across different parts of Athens, Greece (Glyfada, Athens centre, Rafina).


Finally, we take great pride in providing our services with gentleness and care, and as much as we can with humour.


We are proud of our clinical work that delivers important clinical outcomes such as a very small number of hospital admissions, stable and quick recoveries from all bipolar episodes, few bipolar episodes, and better functioning outcomes than most would expect.

Our effort to improve our work and clinical outcomes is ongoing.

Upcoming Events
Befriending your Bipolar Disorder (English)
Fri, Jul 31
Online seminar (live webinar)
Jul 31, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+3
Online seminar (live webinar)
Our friendly, introductory seminar on Bipolar disorder. Dr Yanni Malliaris will present bipolar disorder in the most user friendly manner, and he will try to help his audience to befriend this terrible foe.


Due to the COVID-19 crisis all our local hubs operate under special restrictions.
All the initial consultations are conducted online.
We decide who and when it is needed to see someone locally.
Our Residential (Dimiourgia.org) and Hospital care programme operate locally but under a very strict COVID-19 protocol. 

We deliver the majority of our services remotely through out the world via the internet or locally at our beautiful treatment hubs in Athens, Glyfada and Rafina, Greece.

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