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Grateful to the team. I was desperate after my best friend was admitted in an involuntary psychiatric hold and thank God someone told me about BipolarLab. Their approach made sense to me from day one. I genuinely wish there were more teams working outside the box and at the same time respecting the people that are seeking their help. My friend has come a long way and I couldn't thank them enough.


Words cannot describe the help we got from Dr Malliaris and his team. They saved my brother’s life and have been our source of support ever since. They have an amazing hospital care programme that treats the most unwell patients with great respect for the patient and his family. They managed to treat and keep well my brother when all hope had been lost from us.


I was trying to understand and treat my bipolar disorder for more than a decade. The care I have been receiving 

from Dr Malliaris and his team has been amazing. They truly love what they do, they really know what they do and the benefits of their work has really changed my life. They understand the challenges of a relapsing bipolar disorder. They will never promise you more than they can do but they work hard with you to help you get well and stay well. 


I never expected that I would find in Greece such an amazing expert team for my bipolar disorder. They really practice what they preach. My depression eventually was treated with psychotherapy and meds, and I have been stable ever since.

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