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Bipolar Sailing Trip in Greece!

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) its always ourselves we find in the sea - E. E. Cummings - enjoy a nice week of sailing along with relaxation and mindfulness exercises - make new friends who also have an interest in bipolar disorder - be part of the first ever Bipolar Sailing Trip!

What a better way to learn about bipolar disorder, make new friends, and have a nice holiday while sailing on the beautiful Greek waters of the Saronic Gulf. We have organised the first ever Bipolar Sailing Trip, and have put together a vacation programme that promises to be leisurely, educational, and therapeutic. As a participant you will learn more about the ups and downs of sailing and bipolar disorder, and you will be introduced to novel relaxation and mindfulness techniques.  Your Sailing Skipper Fernando Kalligas along with your Bipolar Skipper Dr Yanni Malliaris will work to ensure that you will have a most memorable holiday break. Itinary: Saronicos Audience: Anyone with an interest in Bipolar disorder (and sailing). Maximum 10 Bipolar sailors! Dates: August 26 - September 2 (7 days) Cost: 1400 euros per participant (-10% for couples) Organisers: A Dot in The Blue ( / ( For further information and to book your place please contact email: - tel: +3022940-22002

1. Do I need to know anything about sailing? Definitely NOT. Our Captain, Fernando Kalligas, knows all we need to know in order to ensure that we will have a safe and a serene journey. Our journey has been planned to go as smoothly as possible, and to offer the experience of a mini-cruise. Nevertheless, if anyone wants to learn more about sailing, and to participate in the actual process of sailing is more than welcome. We would be happy to pass on our Greek knowledge about sailing. Our sailing boat will also have an engine, and it will be up to us to decide how we wish to travel. 2. What exactly are we going to do? Remember we are going to be on a vacation. So we will enjoy swimming, eating, having a good time, and of course we expect to make new friendships. Our journey will start quietly from Sounio coast, and then we will sail through to the beautiful Greek Islands of AiginaPorosHydra, and finally Spetses. We are scheduled to stay on each island for as long we like in order to enjoy their different beaches, local Greek cuisine, and engage in adventurous sightseeing. At the same time we are planning to engage each other in psycho-educational discussions about bipolar disorder, and mood disorders in general, and to address matters that you care most. In addition, we have a structured relaxation programme, where you will have the opportunity to practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Our programme is based on evidence-based cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapies. It is helpful to anyone with or without a mental health history. Dr Yanni Malliaris has put together an excellent programme for you.  3. Do I need to have a Bipolar disorder to come along? Of course NOT. Our trip has been planned for anyone who may have an interest in Bipolar disorder and mood disorders. You may be a relative, a friend, a student or even a health professional. If you are a bipolar patient or have any other disorder, it is important that you are relatively stable at this time. You should also be engaged well with your treatment. Of course, we will be in a position to look after your care in the event of emergency. Nevertheless, It would not be wise to join us if you are going through a crisis. Of course, if you are a little bit down or up it is ok. We are going to have a talk (via Skype or telephone) prior to your trip anyway to see together if all is well. We are looking forward to have with us as many people as we possible who may have a personal experience of Bipolar disorder. 4. Can I bring along my partner or a friend/relative? Of course you can. We even have a 10% discount for every other member you bring along. We will have special sessions for friends and relatives. If you like we can also donate your 10% to a bipolar charity of your choice. 5. Have you ever organised a trip like this before? Yes. This is the third time that we organise a psycho-educational trip about bipolar disorder in Greece. It is the first time that we do it on a sailing boat but we trust our experienced and skilful captain. Our previous participants were very happy, and learned a lot about their emotional health in a pleasant environment. They also made many new friendships with people who have similar interests. Our captain has been organising successful sailing trips for the past 8 years. 6. What do I need to have with me? Plenty of sunscreen protector cream, your swimming gear, and your summer clothes for our island walks. Due to limited space on the sailing boat, it is wise to avoid bringing along big suitcases. Whatever you can fit in a small bag would be ok. We will provide clean towels and bed sheets. There will also be a power supply (12v) and access to the internet (Wi-Fi). Feel free to bring along your water proof gadgets! 7. Where do we sleep? We would sleep all together in the sailing boat. Our sailing boat has separate rooms for two people, so if you are coming on your own you may need to share a room. It would be like sleeping on a camping trip but the beds are going to be lot more comfortable. We expect to have a great weather so the sailing boat should be fairly steady. We will also provide you with earplugs in case you get disturbed by any evening “concerts”. Your sleep hygiene is important to us. 8. How about eating? We will provide you with lovely Greek and English breakfasts during your entire journey. Then we have a long list of lovely Greek tavernas on the Greek islands, so people can choose whatever they wish to eat on their own. Fishing will also be allowed, and practiced by the bravest of us, so we may even honour the efforts of our fishermen. Our sailing boat also has its own little kitchen and fridge that will give us the opportunity to cook for each other if we like on a few occasions. 9. Are we going to have any free time? Of course. We will have our structured sessions, and schedule to follow but there will also be plenty of free time for people to swim around, and to go to the Greek islands that we will visit. Remember that this is a holiday, and that you are on a vacation! It’s only a more special holiday that comes along with two special captains, and a great psycho-educational and relaxation programme.  10. How to do I sign up? Drop us an email or give us a call (+30-6971-813232). We will then arrange a Skype/telephone meeting to get to know each other better. Afterwards, we can make all the other necessary arrangements. Due to the limited number of participants (maximum 10), it is important to book your place at least 3 weeks prior to our departure date. If you are coming to Greece for the first time, you may even schedule more time for your travel in order to visit all the historical sightseeings and museums in Athens. We can help you with any such plans if you like.

We are due to sail on 27/08/16, and return on 02/09/16!

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