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BipolarLab Journal

BipolarLab’s 10 Commandments

1. Thou Shalt Not Ignore Thy Safety: Always put safety first—it’s the bedrock of thy journey to wellness.

2. Thou Shalt Not Dismiss Science: Embrace evidence-based practices with the zeal of a detective solving a mystery—thorough and enthusiastic.

3. Thou Shalt Not Shy Away from Connection: Build strong, supportive relationships with us; it’s like having a team in your corner in every match.

4. Thou Shalt Not Neglect Any Part of Thyself: Pay attention to mind, body, and spirit—they’re all teammates in thy health game.

5. Thou Shalt Not Compromise Integrity: Treat our confidentiality with the seriousness of guarding a royal treasure.

6. Thou Shalt Not Cease to Grow: Pursue knowledge and personal growth as if on a quest for legendary treasure.

7. Thou Shalt Not Be a Silent Partner: Engage actively in your treatment; your voice matters as much as the captain’s on a ship.

8. Thou Shalt Not Withhold Compassion: Extend understanding and empathy—no man is an island, certainly not on our watch.

9. Thou Shalt Not Stand Alone: Join our community for support; together, we are stronger and can weather any storm.

10. Thou Shalt Not Forsake Thy Commitments: Stick to thy treatment contract with the tenacity of a hero in a saga; straying from the path without just cause may lead to being discharged—let’s keep our promises to each other.

(Composed by Flippy and Dr Yanni Malliaris)

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